“Being in an early stage, we believe in a healthy growth of Aether, from x100 to x1000 and we are fully commited to keep our promises” CEO AETHER said      *Aether is listed on CoinGecko      *Aether is listed on CoinMarketCap      *ARCA rocket initiated the final tests for its October launch, with Aether crypto inside.      *Soon, AETHER will be advertised on Ney York Times Square Billboards in its way to become a world phenomenon.      *ATH is listed on FEGex      *Discussions and development plan for AETHER satellite already started.       *The satellite will support and develop the crypto industry like never before.       *We are negotiating with first exchanges for ATH listing       *Polygon (MATIC) parthership will be active at the end of October

Be prepared
for AETHER 2.0,
the token
of the future.

First crypto
satellite will become
a reality.

Aether is building a bridge between science and cryptocurrency.

Exploration has been the basis of human development from the beginning. Only by exploring and surpassing limits the human race can reach its true potential. 

Aether will travel to the limits of science and technology, directing his project and efforts to transform the impossible into reality. 

Our project is based on research, technology development, and the achieving of humankind primary dream. 

In 2022, we will develop and send a small satellite into orbit. The satellite will be called AETHER and it will be used by other crypto projects that have their own blockchain, to run nodes.


For every transaction a 14 % fee is perceived for
the benefit of all.


3 % is redirected to our Project – “From the people, to the mankind”.


2,5 % is redirected to Aether Buyback and burn wallet.


5 % is distributed to every holder, in Aether tokens.


3,5 % is redirected to the marketing and development team of AETHER.

First crypto
sent in space.


AETHER – the first crypto that will be sent in space In partenership with Arca Space, we helped with the testing and development of Arca Space ecological propulsion system (Ecorocket). The rocket will be launched in the second half of October 2021. Moreover, on this occasion, Arca Space will launch Aether cryptocurrency in space. 

EcoRocket is a three-stage orbital vehicle, with its first two stages fully reusable. The first two stages are using an environmentally friendly water- based propellant that will put the third stage at an altitude of 50km and a speed of 5,400km/h. The third stage, fuelled by RP-1 and High Test Peroxide, will then propel a payload of up to 10 kilograms into orbit.

I know the sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the Moon — and I made some of them!

Buzz Aldrin


Transparency is part of our philosophy.

Find below our tokenomics.


1,000,000,000 ATH

3% Project Wallet

3,5 % Marketing and operation wallet

5 % Aether reflexion back to holders

2,5 % Buyback and burn wallet


Phase 1 (2021)

  • Partenership with tech&aerospace companies
  • Website and Social Media Channels Launch
  • Marketing & Partnership with influencers
  • Contract Audit
  • Usecase – Aether accepted as payment method by our partners
  • DxSale Presale
  • Pancakeswap Launch

Phase 2 (2021)

  • 3.000 holders
  • Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko & Blockfolio Listing
  • First crypto launched from Earth into Space ( October, 2021)
  • Partnership with an aerospace company in order to launch small satellites into Earth orbit (DISCUSSIONS AND PLANNING ALREADY STARTED. SOON DEVELOPMENT AND LAUNCH MAP)
  • White Paper release
  • 10.000 Holders

Phase 3 (2022)

  • Listing on major exchanges
  • Development of Aether own satellite
  • Launch of Aether satellite
  • different blockchains can join our ecosystem and will have the possibility to run satellitaire nodes. In order to do so validators will need to hold a certain number of ATHER tokens and of course mainnet coins needed for the node.

Phase 4 (2023)

  • Development and release of Aether own mainnet
  • run nodes on Aether satellite/s.
  • Partnership rollout
  • Reaching the stars